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Channeling's in the moment with Malachite Or...
*best read aloud, as some of these are long passages*

Alright and welcome to these moments Beloved! Are you still here... Focused? Breathing, Feeling and Interacting?
'As if I had a choice' i hear you saying... You do Soul, You DO! In these days and times more than ever YOU absolutely decide in the moment how your future self plays. 'No place to go no-thing to get where i am is perfect' - it is beyond a question, it is the statement.
Your reality is way beyond WHAT you think now Beloved - HOW you think is what is extraordinarily important - right here, right now. As you are thinking thoughts remember to keep the emotion out (commentary thoughts) and truly watch your thoughts go by.
Be attentive to the commentation of your thinking!
Is there something to decide? Then pause and contemplate... am I participating with this decision or am I separate? Do I need this? Am I Present and simply being with the decision to be made? Slowly though surely your future self, beyond fantasy, will present a probable future. If it excites you, consider those thoughts relevantly and continue to watch... It'll be obvious your preference and the decision will be complete. Sound ridiculous to you? "Try before you buy", isn't that what you humans say? Create the space for this technique and explore.
You can hope to manifest or you can have Faith and command the Universe... you recall the command right? Empty your mind, standing erect and tall in your embodiment, thrust your dominant arm forward and away straight in front of you with palm up, and speak these words aloud, without arrogance or begging: Show Me!
The Command to the All that Is You are... things will get better immediately; you'll stop trying to figure it out and allow the guidance and your future self to clearly present opportunities. We'll end as we began: welcome to these moments Beloved! Are you still here... Focused? Breathing, Feeling and Interacting?
May it Be so... Yes

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