Channeled Frequencies/Entity Descriptions

AA Just who and what are these Channeled Entities, Frequencies, and Spirits? ΩΩ

Yes, some description might be in order of what, or whom, it is that merges through and takes on a persona whereby interaction can happen...
Not always is there dialogue needed during Channeling, though communication is what is at the heart of our human experience, so it follows this format of communicated information has a purpose. Channeling is definitely presentational, mentally seductive, and dramatic as the multi-dimensional states are traversed and connected.
Over these four plus decades of sharing this work, i marvel how Channeling continues to reshape thinking, is used as a tool in personal development, and offers the "acceptance of change" to anyone, at any time.
Truly a conduit for information, the ability to go in and out of Trance is sacred to me; sharing it a divine gift. Here are my thoughts on whom and what...

Through "...the gates and days of Orion" comes the expanded version of Aronk, the Atlantean Crystal Master frequency, channeled during 84 - 97. Much is offered regarding creation premises, earth vortices, and future self. This aspect brings an intensity and awareness regarding our 'engineered species' and the role fellow galaxy travelers had in creating this experiment.

Grandfather Black Elk/Guyrena/Lords of the Rays-Ascended Masters/Toltec/Yogi-Ghi
These entities require no introduction, as there presences fill the room and there essences can be felt with-in. Very specific in approach, they come through with a specific message and offer their awareness' to create further balance to our physical, emotional and mental experience. Their loving acknowledgement inspires and assists us, as humanity continues to explore itself and change.

An Elemental, calling himself "...a lord of creation, traveling on the breath of the wind...", the Green Man is quite the awakener. Coming through since 92 and having complete use of the body's faculties, Malachite goes to any and all lengths to reveal to the human ego: "more god - neither person place nor thing... the experience of no-other." Guaranteed to stretch your ego and widen your awareness! This frequency shows up for most of the private consultations.

Master Yee/Oriental Healer/Sumo
Master Yee, the first frequency to physically merge through the body, showed up in 1983 and changed my reality forever. A gentle, unassuming persona sharing a pervasive poetic mastery, comes through "...holding the mirror so you may see the wonderment of yourself." During the last few years, He has shown up again, gentle as ever, and brought a health/healing aspect as well.

AsOne/Hermes/Mettatron/Sirius/Traveler/Visitor/Winds of the Universe/Xenon
Referred to as 'non-physicals', or frequencies not having physical manifestation on terra firma, these many energies have a non-emotional, other worldly technological delivery, and always bring through Toning (vocal sounding tonality). The information can get your thinking orbital, the toning can release tension, and their exercises can blow your mind!