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The Wholeness Process with AsOne
We are going to invite you to the Wholeness Exercise… to ask as you are sitting here to notice what you are feeling, all your sensorial input/output carriers. (Your five senses, six senses, however or whatever you label them). We are going to ask you to truly experience this. Swallow, see, smell, touch, listen - experience the room - Breath. Experience each other’s vibration in this room. (Let’s) go “out” a little further; yes, this is part of the process. So, allow yourself to be comfortable. You’re listening (to us)… simply allow yourself.
This is the exercise, The Wholeness Exercise:  Find a space, a place wherever you can, whenever you want. We don’t care where. It might be affective or effective to do it while alone. It will expand faster this way. Whether you are by yourself or in a group, no matter when or where, it’s up to you. Why use it as a deflection device, it deflects nothing…. So simply you are sitting, you are relaxed. Letting your senses truly absorb what’s around. When you breathe, truly smell. (Yes, you call it Olfactory). When you swallow, feeling your teeth, palate, tongue. When you touch (use) your body. When you feel (use) the chair. Touch. Experience. If your feet are on the floor, let yourself feel the weight, the atomic structure on the floor.
*The more you feel, the more you expand.* The more you expand, the more your senses truly let go of their sensorial physical construct. You might feel yourself vibrating, shaking, shimmering. You may feel hot or cool. What’s important is you continue to expand, as you’re available. The more you expand the wider you get. The wider you get, the further out you go. Where are you going? Why become interested in that concept; it’s a physical liability.
You’re beyond physical now. And as you (continue to) expand, now comes your mind: thinking, wondering, taking into account everything of the day… Where you have been; what you have done; whom you have been with; whom you wanted to be with; what you would have preferred to do. Watch the judgments, watch the constraints, and watch the suppressions. (Watch the if’s and shoulds and coulds and woulds and will be’s and want to be’s. Allow them all to be with you). And now focus on the people you shared the day with: Your family, if you have such. Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, parents, teachers, friends, lovers, wives, husbands, significant others, acquaintances, (strangers), people you remember liking, disliking… and out further you go. And now spatially: where you’ve been this day; physically, you’re right here now, yet physically (mentally) you can be where you were. And now go a little wider. Where have you been? Maybe you’ve been to another part of, yes we believe your state is called Louisiana. Maybe you’ve been to other states. Take those into awareness. Maybe you’ve been to other countries. Take those into awareness. Everything into your awareness. You’re so wide, so expanded. Yet you can feel, you can taste, you can touch. Expansion, Yes. And now, so wide… you’re ready.
The technique is simple: take a simple in breath into your body, being aware and as wide as you are in these moments, (some of you may have wanted to go to this place, To that place, To this territory, (Some of you may have wanted to go) to the stars, or to the oceans. You are going wider, wider, and wider to where your Future Self is always with you in the Present. Breathing naturally: in breath, a calm exhale. Now, the next in breath you take is going to be RAPID. Like you are drawing in everything that you’ve heard mentioned. Everything of this day, the feelings the thoughts, the future, the past.  All in the moment just like this sound, (sucks in breath through mouth quickly). Here we go… joining us: In Breath (QUICK & RAPID) and Exhale naturally. And if you feel like you may have left a little piece out, one more (RAPID) in breath (just like we did). And let it out naturally.
This is the Wholeness Experience: You will find yourself feeling your body, right here, right now. You will also feel rather large, rather infinite. You’ve taken everything in, (you see the illusion is you don’t. You are a very fascinating species). You are so expanded all the time! So truly the Wholeness Exercise is more of the Oneness Exercise: where you are bringing all and everything that you are. Everything you have experienced in this day here, Right now, with you - Consciously. You will be using your mind, you will be using your body. And you’ll remember, at the widest you completely feel, from People to Thoughts to Senses, everything is into (with) your Future Self - draw it all in. (Sucks Air rapidly), Just like that….
If it sounds simple, or too easy, It is that simple… it is that easy... We welcome you AsOne.

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