Blowing through the Sound Barrier
Toning - Music of Life's Vibrational Frequencies
The key to working with matter may be in its relationship to magnetism. This workshop explores such relationships between sound, matter, form, etc. Through specific exercises, you will experience what Tonal Vibration Frequency can offer: restructure matter, promote health, create healing, assist in global changes... Find out for yourself, you'll be “blown” away.

Celestial Tectonics for Tellurians
Multi-Dimensional Attunement
The voyage of accessing the multi-dimensional self is a forever expanding, enlightening journey. Manifesting consciously the actualization of the ‘light’ body, one must have an integrated & attuned physical vehicle. Using GeoMatrix™ & Light-Force Mediation™ as tools for such, you are guided through with a “hands-on” approach, as these sacred geometrical mudras change forever the shape of your world and awareness of creation paradigms.

Channeler's Symposium
Exploring Multi-Dimensional Reality
Come let go of what you think channeling is and experience the channel you are every moment in a supportive environment. Be expansive in your willingness to explore the still quiet voice with-in and "sit in the seat." Increase your Connection with exercises, group discovery, and conscious commitment to Spirit, through vulnerability, surrender and love. No prior experience required.

Channeling Coaching
Connect, Allow and Relax with Guidance in an Altered State
Ever wanted to explore, confirm, or experience your ability to 'Sit in the Seat?' Here is your opportunity with Cé Änn, for a personal one to one coaching session becoming more confident and comfortable with the merge, absorption and manifestation of the trance channeled experience. Allow the Guidance of Spirit to speak through you!

Circle Of One
Semi-Private Channeling With Malachite
A meditative space devoted to self-exploration, the expansion of perceptions and greater awareness. Personal questions are advised and addressed in an intimate environment.

Circle Of Orion
Semi-Private Channeling With Ah•Ra•Onk
Explore creation, realities, geometry, and your personal future self with 'from the Gates of Orion'. The influences of non-terrestrial frequencies, ancient and present, clarified, addressed and acknowledged.

Creating Space
Visionary Mind's Meditation PlayShop
Explore reality in an informal experience of physical and intuitive exercising, electro-magnetic balancing, chest drumming, chanting, vocal toning and guided visualization.

Gateways to Destiny
Seminar for Expansion and Attainment with Malachite
Are you ready to dispel confusion, bring further clarity, focus, and awareness into the presence of your moment while consciously activating yourself as a portal of creation? Yes! “Forget what you know and be as you find yourself; everything is possible. Don't think about it...”

Sex & The Spiritual Being

Workshop and Channeling with Veronica
Bring your questions, viewpoints, morality and personal issues to an open forum with Veronica. Healing & sexual awareness are her tools, so be prepared for openness & acceptance of your physical sensual being to enhance balancing of the male/female self.


Presentation of Multi-Dimensional Reality
An Evening of Communion with a number of frequencies in a publicly channeled group session... Bring questions, an open mind and prepare for celebration.